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Submission Guidelines

Splonk Issue 4 submissions opened on 14th August, and close on the 11th September 2020. Issue 4 will be published on Hallowe’en, the 31st October – if you want to send something dark or spooky, we fully welcome that! But it’s not required.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept simultaneous submissions.


  • Go here to submit. Submissions are via our form only. The form appears when subs open.
  • Submissions for Issue 4 are open 14th Aug. 2020 to 11th Sep. 2020.
  • If you were published in the last issue of Splonk, please skip an issue before submitting again. Lucht na Gaeilge/Irish language writers may submit to every issue.
  • Submissions received outside the subs window will not be considered.
  • International submissions accepted.
  • We don’t publish poems with line breaks. Prose poem-ish flash is considered.
  • Do not include include your name on the story document OR in the story title. Subs are read blind by our editorial team. Your piece will be disqualified if your name is on it.
  • Submit unpublished flash fiction of up to 500 words for SplonkFlash. Micro-fictions of up to 100 words for SplonkMicros. Or Irish language flash up to 500 words for SplonkSplanc.
  • Include a third-person bio – up to 50 words – including your Twitter handle, if you have one.
  • One submission (that is, one story) per author per submission period. Sub in one category only, please.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Submissions are via word document only.
  • Double space and use a 12pt normal font e.g. Times New Roman or Arial
  • We ask for first world publication rights and the right to display your piece on our website as long as Splonk exists. Copyright remains with the author. If your flash is subsequently published, we ask that you acknowledge Splonk as the first publisher.
  • Splonk is not in a position to pay contributors at the moment. 
  • We like experimental work, straight narratives, language-driven flash, historical, futuristic, post-apocalyptic, weird, quirky, ‘normal’, melancholic, and happy work. Send us whatever you’ve got, but avoid clichés!
  • Any enquiries to