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Care of a Human Skin – Sasha de Buyl

Keep the skin in its original packaging when stored. This is designed to keep it safe.

When not worn, we recommend stuffing the skin with tissue paper or rolled up plastic bags to maintain its shape.

We recommend wearing the skin for thirty minutes each day initially. This way it will begin to take on your scent. Build up usage gradually.

Talk to your skin. Tell it what you love about it, about where you plan to wear it, how it makes you feel. Tell it how long you’ve been waiting to have a skin of your own.

Clean the skin following each use. Remove all makeup from the skin. The skin is designed to be wipe clean.

Do not machine wash the skin. If stained, spot clean the skin with a damp sponge and a solution of 1 parts bleach to 3 parts water.

Always dry the skin flat, do not hang.

Take the skin out at night. Show it the moon. Show it how the pale light illuminates it from within.

Never fold the skin when travelling. We recommend a garment bag.

To condition the skin, gently massage Palmer’s Cocoa Butter into it, paying special attention to any creases and corners, where tearing may occur.

For maximum performance, we recommend wearing the skin for as long as possible each day. Though it may feel tight to begin with, especially around the neck and chest, you’ll get used to it.

The more you wear the skin, the more you will begin to believe it truly belongs to you.

Show the skin to your friends. Share photos of the skin on Instagram so that people can comment on how good it looks. Read the comments back to your skin each night.

Take the skin dancing. Let it feel the breeze against it, as you reach its arms in the air. Let it feel your heart pounding, your blood coursing through its limbs. Let the skin feel freer than you ever have.

Never remove the skin in front of others.

Never, ever let anyone see the strings.